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    stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love

    This is the most important thing I have ever read.

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    u can’t spell disappointment without men

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    Little Women, 1994 (dir. Gillian Armstrong)

    another strong lady

    my hero as a child-Jo March. such a badass.

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    here’s the thing about kind and gentle cersei lannister who misses her sweet daughter myrcella and loves her good son tommen and thinks about joffrey as a monster and a nightmare

    that’s not fucking cersei lannister

    cersei lannister loves her children, yes, but she loves them as extensions of herself and her own power. she thinks tommen is weak and not as fit to be a king as joffrey. she mourns the loss of myrcella not because she’s worried about what they do to little girls in dorne but because tyrion took her away from cersei without cersei’s consent, because tyrion made the decision about myrcella without consulting cersei, because myrcella’s leaving is symbolic of cersei’s loss of power

    and she loves joffrey most. joffrey’s terrible in the books, yes, but cersei is blind to it. she thinks of that time that joffrey cut open a cat to see the kittens it was pregnant with as ‘some business with a cat’ that robert overreacted to. she thinks sansa marrying joffrey is the same punishment she was subjected to when she was forced to marry robert, and that if sansa was strong like she was she’d learn to accept her fate

    cersei isn’t soft. she isn’t weak. she doesn’t simper. she doesn’t cry. she doesn’t play nice. she’s not particularly motherly. and she doesn’t give a shit how good a king tommen will be, because tommen ruling was never the point. she doesn’t want tommen to rule. she wants to rule. she wants to be king.

    she dreamt she sat the iron throne, high above them all.

    that is what cersei wants.

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    My mom is watching Game of Thrones and she just said in the saddest voice, “Poor Salsa” and doesn’t get why I keep laughing.